Blood Bank Manager


Blood Bank Manager has introduced a different era in the world of bloodbank management softwares: It has all the features which we don’t have in the previous versions. With the help of customer’s feedback and self analysis we “Birlamedisoft Pvt. Ltd.” have developed this latest version of bloodbank manager. Its features are:

  • Generating reports on stock-Blood Group wise, Area wise and Expiry Date wise.
  • Donor Database- Blood Group wise and Area wise.
  • Maintain and Update Unique Donor Identification
  • Complete Key Consumables Inventory Management
  • Track and maintain all Donor Types- Voluntary, Replacement and Directed.
  • Improve the Effectiveness and Efficiency of Blood Bank – Faster Response Time and Better Control.
  • As it is Password protected online software, hence no fear of data theft.
  • Accurate database / Record management.
  • Blood Cross Matching (both Electronic cross-matching and Serological cross-matching) and result storing facility.

  • Low initial outlay - i.e. low cost investment.
  • Long term investment and savings – you can use that software for many years.
  • Efficiency – Customization makes it dynamic software as per your need.
  • Up-to-date online Blood Bank software.
  • There is add on facility of Bar Code Scanning and Printing available as an option
  • Interface with grouping & testing machine.
  • Generates different kind of reports for efficient running of the blood bank. It includes all FDA required reports.
  • Sends various auto-SMS like Birthday wish, Testing report, Post-donation wish etc.
  • It can be installed partially or fully as per the need of blood bank and can be upgraded easily.

  • Blood Bank Manager generates the following Registers and Reports
  • List of Registers and Reports
    Monthly CMIS report
    Master Register
    Cross Match register
    Donor Register
    Daily Donor Record
    Test Register
    Issue Register
    Cross Match Report
    Donor list
    Donor Card
    Donor rejection / discarded report
    Expiry status report
    Patient list
    Patient Account
    Requisition register
    Component stock report
    Blood unit stock book
    Adverse reaction register
    Blood component report
    Discard Register
    Free card register
    Avidity and Potency register
    Camp Donor List
    Camp Register
    Employee Report
    Referring Doctor Report
    Donor History


    Minimum Hardware Requirement:

  • Pentium 4 or higher
  • Windows XP/2007/VISTA/2003/2008
  • 500 GB of hard disk space
  • Windows compatible mouse
  • 1 Or 2 GB RAM
  • DVD or CD-ROM Drive for Software Installation
  • Language:VB6
  • SQl Server 2005/2008